Estate Cleanout Costs and Considerations

Estate Cleanout Costs and Considerations

Are you considering an estate cleanout but wondering what it will cost you? As people consider estate cleanouts as a possible option for clearing a property, costs is one of the first things they consider. 

The only way to know for sure what your actual costs will be is to get a quote. But, if you are doing research, we can at least help provide an idea of what your costs may be. And that’s what this blog will provide for you. 

In this blog, we cover general costs of professional estate cleanout and factors that go into the costs.


Estate Cleanout Service Costs

According to Hometown Dumpster Rental, the national average cost for estate cleanout services is between $500 and $2,000. While HomeAdvisor states the average cost for an estate clean-out is $1,250, with a low price of $50 and a high cost of $6,000+. However, rough estimates are not a good indicator of what you will actually pay because every circumstance is different. As we will explore in the rest of this article, there are many factors that will determine your overall costs.  

The only way to get an accurate estimate for your estate property is to call a local estate cleanout company and have them provide a quote. 

In your research, you can, however, get a better understanding of whether your home will fall into a lower-cost or a higher-cost category. In the next section, we will discuss the factors that affect costs which will help you better envision what the costs may be for you. 


Factors that Affect Cost

Size of the property

In general, a larger property means higher costs. With larger properties, there are often more rooms to clear out and more stuff to clean out of the home. Not to mention if you require clearing of the outside property as well. 

However, a larger property does not always mean higher expenses. Square footage does play a part in a cleanout company’s estimates but other factors determine overall costs.


The Amount of Contents that Needs to be Cleaned Out

The biggest factor that affects your cleanout costs is going to be the amount of contents that needs to be cleaned out. Some companies charge by the dumpster full, while others charge by the amount of time it will take them to clear out the contents. 

Regardless of how they measure the costs, one thing is certain. The more contents, the higher the costs will be. 


Individual Company Rates

Every company has its own rates. If you call around for quotes, you will find that every company will have different price points. Of course, it’s important to check the services they offer in addition to the price they quote.


Special Considerations and Discounts

In some circumstances, you can find discounts or special offers that allow you to save on your cleanout costs. For example, a local cleanout company may offer discounts to veterans. 

At Sanford and Son, we often buy some of the estate contents to help reduce the costs of estate cleanouts. If there are items of value within the estate that you want to get rid of such as jewelry, memorabilia, collectibles, etc. we will buy those items from you. 

When contacting an estate cleanout company, ask them if they offer discounts and if there are ways you can reduce the costs. 


Is it Worth Hiring A Professional Cleanout Company?

Costs are an important factor in deciding if a professional cleanout service is right for you. But, it’s not the most important factor to consider. Consider what hiring a professional will mean to you outside of the upfront costs. 

Estate cleanouts can do a lot for estate owners including:

Sometimes letting someone else take care of it makes more sense than saving a dollar on clean-out costs. Even without hiring a cleanout company, it will still cost money to rent a dumpster, drive to and from, and any additional costs you may incur with a DIY project. 

Take the time to weigh all these factors along with the costs of a cleanout to see which is beneficial. There is no one size fits all situation. For some, a professional cleanout is better, while others are capable of doing it themselves. The choice is yours to make. 





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