Maryland Property and Whole House Cleanouts

Maryland Property and Whole House Cleanouts

Whether due to the death of a loved one, divorce, the need to downsize, or countless other reasons, Sanford & Sons understands that a property clean out can be extremely stressful. That’s why we offer a comprehensive and affordable range of clean out services, aiming to take as much pressure as possible off our clients during this difficult and emotional time. 

At Sanford & Son, we are known for our estate cleanouts and overall professional services that go above and beyond what junk removal or other cleanout companies offer. We offer assistance to homeowners, landlords, property managers and businesses looking for a convenient way to clean out their properties. 


Call 410-746-5090 to schedule an estimate or to learn more about our property cleanout services.

Stress Less - let us take care of the hassle of clearing the house and getting it ready for sale, taking out any smaller items of value, or coming in to clean out after sellable items have been dispersed.

As professionals, we take pride in our comprehensive, reliable, property clean out services.  We go beyond the ordinary liquidation and home cleanouts.

We offer top-to-bottom property clean out services including:

  • Full house cleanouts 

  • Property and Lot Cleanouts (we can help clean up excessive yard waste, trash, and other items from the surrounding property outside of the house)

  • Estate liquidations (we may offer to buy some of the valuable items you wish to get rid of)

  • Hoarding cleanouts

  • Donation of goods to non-profits and charities 

  • Recycling of unsaleable items 

  • House staging, cleaning, and vacuuming  

  • Help getting your property ready to put on the market – from general repairs to landscaping 

We understand that cleaning out a house or estate often means more than simply removing some contents within a house. That is why we offer services that go above and beyond the normal “junk removal” services known by many. Whether you need to prepare a house to sell, cleanout a loved one’s home or just declutter from years of collecting property, we can help.


Cleanout Services Across Central Maryland

As local cleanout professionals, we serve our local Central Maryland communities. Whether you are a local resident or an out of state guest looking to clean out a loved one’s home in the area, we can help. Our service area includes:

  • Annapolis

  • Anne Arundel County

  • Baltimore County

  • Bel Air

  • Catonsville

  • Columbia

  • Glen Burnie

  • Harford County

  • Howard County

  • Parkville

  • Pasadena

  • Perry Hall 

  • Towson 

As a locally owned and operated cleanout company, we can choose to go outside of our service areas on a case by case basis. To find out more about any of our services or claim your free estimate, call us now on 410-746-5090 or send us an online request. 


Why Choose Professional Property Clean Out Services?

While handling an estate clean out on your own might seem like the most cost-effective option at first, there are actually a lot of factors to consider. Top of the list is the sheer amount of time and energy involved, commodities which are in short supply when you have so many other responsibilities to attend to. 

Once you consider the need to sort, sell, clean, and arrange for removals and storage, it can take hundreds of man hours to clean out the average American home. And every day that goes by adds up to more expenses in the form of mortgage or rental payments, as well as potential loss of income – both from the delay in selling or renting out the property, and from having to take time off work. 

In addition, the DIY estate clean out process is stressful, and often results in squabbles and arguments with family – right when you need each other’s support the most. And when you bring in volunteers to help, you unfortunately also open yourself up to liabilities and insurance hurdles.     

Booking professional estate clean out services from Sanford & Son allows you to bypass these challenges, get the property ready for market quickly, and ultimately save countless dollars (and heaps of stress!) in the process.


The Clean Out Process

Faced with a whole property’s worth of accumulated belongings, we understand how daunting just getting started can be. To help get the most out of your cleanout, it’s best to know the process. 

  1. Call Sanford and Son to schedule an appointment for an estimate - before providing an estimate we will come out to your property and assess the labor needs with you. This is a good opportunity to address lot cleanups, or additional services needed.

  2. Schedule your cleanout date - once you accept the proposed estimate you will be able to schedule your cleanout date.

  3. The cleanout - during the scheduled date and time, our team will arrive ready to tackle the job. We will remove and haul away any contents you no longer want, and perform any duties discussed prior to scheduling. 


It’s really that simple! 

During this process, we will need someone present on the property. Feel free to ask questions at any point. 

We recommend that clients take opportunity of time and cost saving practices such as presorting the home’s contents, having a garage sale, or cleaning up what they can prior to contacting a cleanout company. This is not necessary but it can be of help for those looking to save on cleanout costs. 

Junk Removal vs Clean Out

We treat all your loved one’s belongings with care because we don’t see it as “junk”! 

Rather, our home clean out services focus on getting items to people who will cherish and use them – whether that means selling them to new homes, or making sure they go to deserving charities.

Once all these items have been removed, we give the entire property a thorough vacuuming, and we offer deep cleaning if you wish.    


Our Community & Sustainability Commitment

When it comes to our community and environment, we hold ourselves accountable. Sanford & Son looks for opportunities to give back in any way we can. Even if it goes beyond the typical frame of work for a cleanout company, we find ways to reuse, donate, and recycle items we find in estate cleanouts.

We normally find that up to 75% of the contents of the average home can be recycled in some way! We also work closely with many non-profit organizations that can really use donations of old clothes, non-perishable foods, and personal items. Your clean out can make a real difference in other people’s lives! 


Why Choose Sanford and Son Estate Specialist

It’s true—Sanford & Son provides professional property cleanout and junk removal services, but we don't limit ourselves to just that. When Central Maryland needs above-and-beyond customer service, they look to the company who's been mastering the cleanout process for 25 years.

For us, liquidation and estate cleanouts are basic services. What some homeowners might not know about Sanford & Son is that we also provide home staging services--assisting homeowners prepare their home for the real estate marketplace. 

We assist in all phases - from landscaping and yard work services, to miscellaneous handyman repairs. We help Central Maryland homeowners make their home as presentable as possible for an upcoming estate sale.

With our fair pricing and attention to detail, no other professional estate cleanout service does it like us. And, during any full-service cleanout, proper handling of the homeowner's property and valuables is as important as leaving a spotless workspace. 

No homeowner needs unwanted items on their property when preparing for an estate sale. That's why Central Maryland sees us as true professionals, who love what we do in our communities.

If you're looking for an “above and beyond” company that can do more than the typical cleanout and liquidation, you’ve found them! Call Sanford & Son on 410-746-5090 today, or claim your free estimate now.


What we do for you:

Count on Sanford & Son for Friendly and Fast Estate Clean Out Services

"No job is too big or too small for Sanford & Son"

We provide top-to-bottom Estate Clean Out and Liquidation services. We proudly service all of Central Maryland including Annapolis, Glen Burnie, Columbia, Catonsville, Towson, Bel Air, Pasadena, Parkville, Perry Hall, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County

Why Go with Sanford & Son Estate Specialist?

  • We're open seven days a week from 7am - 7pm.
  • Sanford & Son Estate Specialist, Maryland understands the importance of your home and valuables. We work hard to take the best care of your belongings and make sure your space is rendered spotless.
  • We offer fair pricing, attention to detail and an extremely professional demeanor.
  • We're liscensed and insured!

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