How to empty out a house quickly and safely

How to empty out a house quickly and safely

There are many possible reasons you might have to clear out your house. You have new tenants coming into your rental property, you are the owner of an estate that needs to be cleared out, or you are moving and need the job done quickly. The reason is not always the most important part. It's How you go about getting this daunting task done in the least stressful and the most efficient way that’s important! Unfortunately – doing it yourself will require some hard work that won’t be particularly pleasant. However, rest assured that you can empty a house quickly! Our guidelines below will help you accomplish this taxing job in an organized and efficient manner.


Step-by-step guide to emptying a house quickly

1. Do a quick inventory of the whole house before starting

It will be well worth it to spend some time in each room of the house before you start. Jot down items that you want to keep and those you want to get rid of. Also try to assess how big a job the overall house clearance will be. This will help you to prepare yourself mentally for the whole task at hand.


2. Draw up a thorough plan of action and set a realistic deadline for completion

We know that clearing a house can seem overwhelming, but drawing up a plan of action makes it more manageable.  Firstly, you need to categorize all the ‘stuff’ you have to deal with: 

Then you need to work out how much time you’ll need to accomplish the work, particularly if there is a deadline for completion. The time you allocate for the job will obviously depend on the size of the house and the amount of stuff in it. However, prepare yourself for the fact that it’s going to take a lot of work, and it’s best done full-time. Trying to do it on a part-time basis can easily turn into a nightmare! So allow yourself sufficient time to work through the whole house and the outbuildings. If you are fortunate enough to be able to access help, make sure your helper(s) are also fully in the picture as regards times and deadlines.


3. Create a sorting zone or zones

It is vital that you have space to create different piles of stuff. You particularly need to clear a space inside, like a dedicated room, for the items that you want to keep. You can allocate areas outside for items that you want to donate, recycle, or dump. In fact, people will often pick up items that are potentially useful to them as they walk past. Just make sure the area where you live doesn't have special ordinances against this. 

Consider having a yard sale of items that you don't want. This can generate some very useful cash, and reduce the number of items you have to deal with.


4. Make sure you have everything you need

You’ll need sturdy clothing, rubbish bags, boxes, tape, bubble wrap, gloves and masks, as well as rubbish bags for stuff you’re discarding. The job of emptying a house can be a surprisingly dusty and dirty job, so a good pair of gloves, a dust mask and hard-wearing long pants and long-sleeve shirts are all sensible choices. Make sure you mark the bags containing items for donation clearly, or use different colored bags so they don’t get thrown out with the trash. You’ll also have to arrange a dumpster or skip for the trash, and arrange a pickup truck or hauling company for larger items.


5. Bear some sensible points in mind 

Always work in a well-ventilated space, even if you are wearing a dust-mask. Try to avoid any distractions that will make the work go more slowly. And never be tempted to combine cleaning with clearing. Only once you’ve completed the clearing out can you effectively start cleaning up.   


6. Remember that not all trash can just be piled into a dumpster 

Remember that there are ordinances that govern the disposal of potentially toxic substances, like used motor oil, old paint, and some electrical goods. So check up on the regulations regarding the disposal of so-called HWWs, or hazardous household waste, and then organize your trash accordingly. Some hazardous items may even require that you get a specialist contractor to dispose of them. If you have many large items, it might well be your best bet to get a professional hauling company to do it for you.


7. Don't forget about the outbuildings!

It sounds blindingly obvious, but it’s really easy to become so focused on the job of how to empty out the house quickly that the garage, shed or storeroom fades into the background! And often they present a huge challenge all on their own with massive accumulations of problematic garbage. It might well be a good idea to start with the outbuildings as clearing them will give you valuable space so you can empty out the house more quickly.


Get Help Clearing out a house

However, you also need to be sensible and consider your own safety and health. You need to bear in mind that emptying a house can entail a lot of hard work, with long days on your feet moving stuff, and packing and lifting heavy boxes. If your health is in any way compromised, or if you're really pressed for time, getting professionals to do the job for you makes good sense. So if there’s just too much to do on your own, hand the job over to the professionals! 

Calling in a cleanout company might also be a wise idea when you’re dealing with a foreclosure sale. Often occupants vacate the property without clearing out the house properly, leaving unwanted furniture, appliances, and junk behind. 

Professionals are also a good option when you’re dealing with an estate cleanout when really large amounts of belongings are left behind. Some realtors also engage professionals to clear out a property as a value-added courtesy service to the new owners so they can move into a pristine new property.


Benefits of using professional house cleanout specialists: 


Who should use a house clean-out specialist?

Cleaning out a large house is a daunting task. Anybody who is faced with this monumental job and who is unable to do it safely should make use of the professional services of a house cleanout specialist



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