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Estate Clean-outs

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Cleaning out a house isn’t easy. It can be taxing, both physically and emotionally, to not only find yourself in a difficult position due to a death, divorce, or other traumatic event, but also find the time to deal with the aftermath. When there aren’t enough items for a liquidation but still enough to present you with a large (or sometimes even small) and time-consuming task, Sanford & Son will tackle the daunting chore of cleaning out your house or property.

Stress Less - let us take care of the hassle of clearing the house and getting it ready for sale, taking out any smaller items of value, or coming in to clean out after sellable items have been dispersed.

As with liquidations, you’ll want to:

  • Thoroughly go through and ensure there is nothing you want or any items of value left; and
  • Let us do our thing!

Our experienced, well-trained team specializes in jobs big and small — we take it all (well, except hazardous waste)! We pride ourselves on being respectful, sensitive, and helpful in each project. We remove items in a punctual manner from the specified location, clear out refrigerators and other appliances, vacuum and clean flooring, and prepare the house or building for whatever you want to do next. Cleanouts don’t just involve hauling things away to the trash — we also donate or recycle items as much as possible.

With a free consultation from Sanford & Son, we can give you an overview of the process and then work with you to fine-tune the particulars to your needs, satisfaction guaranteed.

Please give us a call today to get more information or pricing on our estate clean-outs.

Clean-outs Services:

  • Estate clean-outs: We take care of everything inside and outside of the house. We will purchase any sellable items and take them away. Then we donate other usable items like clothing, kitchen wares, and books. After that, we remove all remaining junk, trash, and recycling. We then completely vacuum the entire house.
  • Business/ Office clean-outs: We will purchase any sellable items and merchandise. The remaining contents will be hauled away. All metal and paper will be recycled. We can also move items from that location to another location. We will then completely vacuum the building.
  • Warehouse clean-outs: We can completely clean out any warehouse. We will purchase anything that is sellable, then haul away the remaining contents. All metal will be recycled. We will then broom sweep.
  • Foreclosure trash outs: We will haul out all the contents inside the house, then remove any junk and trash in the yard. We can pull carpets and padding, as well as appliances. Other services we offer; lock replacement, board ups, and demolition. 
  • Storage units: We can buy anything of value, then haul away the remaining contents. We then broom sweep to keep the storage company happy.
  • Barns and Garage clean-outs: We will purchase anything of value then haul away the remaining contents. We leave the building completely empty and broom swept.
  • Attic and Basement cleanouts
  • Apartment and Condos
  • Hoarding cleanouts

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