The Estate Cleanout Services You Need To Know About

The Estate Cleanout Services You Need To Know About

An estate cleanout is often requested when it comes to removing the contents or belongings of a home. What many people don’t realize is that there are additional services provided by cleanout professionals that can assist with getting a house ready for sale or for simple declutter purposes. 

Think about the property, the old garages, etc. Is there more that needs to be hauled away other than the property within the home?

For those looking at an estate that needs more than a little decluttering, check out some of the other services that may be available to you. 


Estate Cleanout Services to Consider

Traditionally, estate cleanout services are similar to content removal companies. It can be used to haul away old belongings and clear out furniture. However, given our 20+ years in business, we realized that many older homes have more than clutter or old belongings that need to be removed. 

If you’re looking at cleaning an estate and realize that there’s a much bigger job than simply hauling away old items and furniture then you’re in luck. There are many additional services that are available.


Carpet Removal

Older homes often contain old carpets. These carpets can be worn down, filled with stains, or just outdated and need to be replaced to improve the look of the house. Oftentimes, people will hire a junk removal company to clean out and haul away the contents of the home but are left with old carpets and flooring. If they want the carpets removed also, they will either need to pull them up themselves for the removal company to haul it away, or they need to contact a second company to remove the carpets after the junk removal company.

Some estate cleanout companies are able to remove carpets in addition to hauling away old belongings. Just check before the day of service to ensure they are properly equipped for the job.


Barn and Storage Cleanout

Some estates own barns or storage spaces that are filled with the previous owner's belongings that need to be removed in addition to the home’s contents. Like with many of the home’s contents, these spaces also need to be cleaned out. Occasionally, the estate owner is OK with handling the home’s contents themselves but they need expert help cleaning out a barn or garage. A cleanout specialist can help with both cases. 


Land, lot and debris clearing

Occasionally we will run into estates that have been damaged or overgrown. Broken tree limbs fall, weeds take over the yard and broken remnants can be spread across the property. Much like the cleaning out of a home, clearing out of the estate’s property is also a necessity. It’s something to think about if you are fixing up an estate or preparing it for sale. If you don’t have the means to haul away old property yourself, then you likely won’t have any way to clear the land of large pieces of debris either. Once again, an estate cleanout professional can likely help. 


Demolition projects

Broken fences, caving decks, leaning sheds, are all dangers on properties that should be removed. Normally, this is a job for a demolition company. That means, in some cases, an estate owner will need to hire both a demolition contractor as well as an estate cleanout professional. However, some estate cleanup companies will either partner with a demolition company or they themselves are certified to handle some demolition work. This makes the owner or property manager’s job much simpler as they only need to contact a single contractor. 


Cleanouts for the Entire Estate

Everyone plans an estate cleanout for different reasons. Some are downsizing and simply want to remove all their old unused belongings. Others purchased an old property and need help gutting the estate. And some are working through the death of a loved one and want to thoughtfully go through the belongings. 

No matter what your reasons for an estate cleanout, it’s important to find a specialist who is able to help in every way possible. 

At Sanford and Son, we pride ourselves on our efforts to provide the support and assistance you need for your estate cleanout. We believe that cleanout specialists should provide assistance for the entire estate not just contents inside the home. This includes the property, storage sheds, and more. 

Whether cleaning out an old family home or you simply need to remove the staging furniture from a home you just bought, we can assist you with your needs. Contact us and let us know what we can do for you. 



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