What’s The Difference Between a Yard Sale and an Estate Sale?

What’s The Difference Between a Yard Sale and an Estate Sale?

When it comes to a yard or estate sale, they do have their similarities. We can expect to find tons of old appliances, household items, and bunch of other stuff that some people might find useful. 

But when it comes to their differences, here are a few things that any new garage and estate sale thrift fanatic, or the seasoned deal-vulturing veteran might want to know:

Yard Sales

Garage sales are mostly known for getting rid of any unwanted household items. Always expect to see old kitchen utensils, children’s clothing, toys, books, and sporting gear. Sometimes, you’ll find some old furniture that’s been sitting in the basement, that the homeowners needed to get rid of—but don’t expect to see quality furniture too often. But as unpredictable garage sales can be, once in a while you might come across some true finds--if you dig deep enough and have a little bit of patience.

You’ll find most garage sales over the weekend, with signs posted all over the neighborhood directing you where to go. Once you’re at the garage sale, any thrift fanatic will tell you that one of the best parts of a garage sale is the negotiating—because most likely, the homeowner just wants all of these garage sale items off their hands. So please don’t be scared to throw out an offer, and see what happens!

Estate Sales

Estate sales, unlike garage sales, are held inside the home. Typically, an estate sale is when the items and belongings of a recently deceased estate owner are sold to the public, but are also held when a home has been abandoned or foreclosed. If the estate sale is being held following the passing of a loved one, their family members will hold the sale, to get rid of unwanted items. But more often than family members holding an estate sale for a loved one, estate sales are often run by companies hired by the family members, to lighten the burden of emptying and selling an entire home of possessions.

At an estate sale, you’ll find a much larger variety of items that have been collected over a lifetime—a much different experience than a garage sale. An estate sale is the place to be when it comes to scouting out antique furniture, vintage clothing, fine china sets, and rare pieces of art. But keep in mind, to hold an estate sale, the value of the items on sale need to be confirmed and priced over a certain amount of money for it to be approved.

Estate sales typically run for 3 days over the weekend--Friday through Sunday, and are advertised well in advance, sometimes via posters around the community, but usually estate sale shoppers find local sales online; where shoppers can explore the items up for sale before taking a trip to the estate itself.

Get there early. Once you arrive, you’ll be handed a number to wait in line—and will be let in once your number is called. Once inside, its ok to carry around an item you plan on purchasing—its better to take it along with oyu, that risk it being grabbed by someone else.

But remember, NO HAGGLING. At an estate sale, price tags are not up for negotiation, although there will be bidding for items of higher price or value. Just fill out a bid slip, and the person with the highest number will be contacted later to come get their item.

If you’re shopping last minute and show up in the afternoon of the last day of the estate sale, you might find some really good deals—this is going to be the time when everything must go.

Simply-put; the big difference is that garage sales are for old and unwanted household items that the residence no longer have any use for—estate sales are more formal and are meant to get rid of a late family member’s entire estate. They are both for anyone finding a good deal on some interesting items. When it comes estate clean outs and liquidations, click here. Sanford & Son estate specialists are here to help you out along the way.


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