The Dangers of Prolonging an Estate Cleanout

The Dangers of Prolonging an Estate Cleanout

Estate cleanouts can be an overwhelming experience for many people. Over the years, a house can fill up with a lot of personal belongings and pieces of furniture. If a loved one has passed away, you may also be dealing with emotional distress.

It’s understandable that you may want to take your time when processing a loved one’s passing or attempt a cleanout yourself to save money. This is a common practice. But, if you prolong a cleanout too long over time it can lead to big headaches and huge financial burdens.

At Sandford and Son, we provide estate cleanout services and have unfortunately been called into an estate many times after the effects of letting a house sit vacant have taken effect. We don’t want this to happen to you so we want to provide insights as to what could happen.


What can happen if you wait to clean out an estate?

There is nothing wrong with taking time to grieve the loss of a loved one or carefully going through an estate to sort through the property you want to keep or sell. However, in some cases waiting too long can lead to major issues with the property.

Here are some of the things we’ve seen over time:

Most of these issues don’t happen within a couple of days or weeks. But after a few months, a vacant estate can have issues that can cause several thousands of dollars worth of damages. It can also mean a much lower selling price if the home’s value decreases due to a decline in the home’s condition or can make renovations more difficult and expensive.

We often have good people with wonderful intentions call us after they have waited several months. These people either took their time hoping they could do the job themselves, they procrastinated with the intention of getting to the cleanout eventually, or they were simply too emotionally distraught to deal with the thought of getting rid of any of the home’s belongings.

So, what can you do if you’re overwhelmed with the cleanout job or simply don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself? Hire a cleanout specialist to get the job done right away.

Why Hire a cleanout specialist

If the estate you have inherited or own needs cleaned out, but you are simply too overwhelmed to do so, then consider hiring an estate cleanout specialist. Their job is to ensure anything that needs cleaned out from the property is carefully and considerately done. Whether it’s old structures or building materials in the yard, or old pieces of furniture. Here is how they can help. 


Helps make an estate livable again

As homeowners age or as the property sits vacant, a property can fall into disarray that’s simply too much for one person to handle. An estate specialist can clean up the junk and property to help the property become livable again.


Let’s you focus on family and or other affairs

It can be hard to deal with the passing of a loved one emotionally, and physically. There’s a lot that needs done in a short amount of time and sometimes it’s simply too much to try to do it all. By allowing someone else focus on the cleanup of the property, you can focus on other things.

Gets the job done quickly and efficiently

Cleaning out an estate can be an overwhelming process. It can become an especially stressful process if you are limited on time or unavailable to get the job done. Having someone available who can put their energy into the job and get it done within your time frame can offer a tremendous stress relief.


Helps ease the burden of removing items

Many families have estate sales and remove as much of the personal belongings as they can. But oftentimes, there are still a lot of unwanted items or furniture that the family can’t do anything with. Having a cleanout specialist come in to clean out the unneeded property and haul it away saves families a lot of time renting a U-Haul or dumpster and cleaning the property out themselves.


They recycle and donate items 

Most estates have quality items that are worth something but the owner simply doesn’t have the space for it or have a need for it. Many estate cleanout specialists understand the value of the contents within an estate and want to see it recycled or given to a new home rather than thrown in a landfill. 

As an estate cleanout specialist we help property owners not only clean out their homes but we can also clean up properties as well. From removing junk, old cars, trailers, tires, and overgrowth to removing old decrepit buildings like barns, sheds. We help estate owners clean up in order to renovate, sell, or simply clean up an old estate so it’s livable again. 

If you need help in the Maryland area then give us a call. 


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