Finding the Right Appraiser For Your Estate Liquidation Sale

Finding the Right Appraiser For Your Estate Liquidation Sale

Finding the Right Appraiser

The appraiser isn’t an inspector, but the right appraiser should know the general condition of the estate. The right appraiser knows how to accurately value the property based on the home’s condition, foundation, and other key features.  A fair and accurate assessment is essential for any successful liquidation sale while keeping potential estate sale buyers happy.

When You are Hiring an Appraiser

As professionals, we are here to make sure that; when you are hiring an appraiser, you know how to carefully screen multiple potential appraisers, asking the right questions and knowing how to check their credentials will ensure you’re hiring the right appraiser for your home. Here are a few tips to make choosing an appraiser as smooth as a process as possible.

1. Experience

If you’re looking to sell a single-family home in a small suburban neighborhood, your appraiser who specializes in condos, might not be the right appraiser that you’re looking for. You’re going to need an appraiser with the right kind of experience in appraising your type of property.

2. Recommendations

It’s important to conduct research on appraisers before deciding to choose one. A great way to start your research is to request recommendations from local real estate agents—they’ll know what they’re talking about more than anybody. Since an appraisal is typically part of the estate sale process, real estate agents are familiar with the local appraiser landscape among who will take the best care of you, and who you should to stay away from. Ask the agent to suggest appraisers who have proven to be reputable.

3. Ask Questions

Know which questions to ask, based on your estate’s needs. For example, if you need to determine the value of your estate for a property tax appeal, you need a consumer-based appraiser. An appraiser who is familiar with your county's methodology understands how to factor in other neighborhood variables that might sometimes go unaccounted for, and other environmental factors that influence estate values in your area.

4. Talk to Appraisers

You want an appraiser who is competent and capable of valuing your estate as accurately as possible, by discussing prices, training, licenses, and certifications.

Holding conversations with several different appraisers lends insight. Through conversations with multiple appraisers, you’ll have an easier indication of which appraisers are best for the job, and which ones you should pass on.

5. Confirm Credentials

The Appraisal Subcommittee's National Registry is there for a reason. Here, you can confirm the appraiser's license or certification. Narrow your search by filtering their name, license number, or location. The Appraiser's licensing history is also available for you to research, by visiting the Maryland Office of Real Estate Appraiser's website.

You want someone with experience, a good reputation, someone personable and open to answering all of your questions, and you want someone with credentials you can confirm. When the time comes for you to choose an appraiser for your estate liquidation sale, take it from us—as 25-year-old professionals who understand how the liquidation and estate sale process works. When you find the right appraiser you’ll be glad you took the steps to make sure you hired the right one.

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